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Please ask your questions, I’ll answer & add them here!!!


If you want your milk in glass jars, you’ll supply those to the farmer. For each gallon of milk, you need 6 half-gallon jars/lids in rotation. The picture is 2 half gallon jars and you can use metal lids or plastic.

You can get at Walmart, Tractor Supply, sometimes Kroger, Meiers, Target. They are available on Amazon for an arm and a leg. Seriously, $$$. Try to get locally!

Wash and let thoroughly dry, then leave at your drop (with the tops on so nothing gets in there). I’ll pick up the following Thursday and take to the farm (I only go to the farm once a week). Your milk will be in glass jars the following week.

So the first two weeks, you’ll get your milk in plastic, third week they are in glass! Every week, when you pick up your milk, leave your clean jars at the drop (you’ll see where to leave them). I pick up all clean jars when I deliver the milk. It’s a little confusing at first how this works, but you get the hang of it after a bit of doing it! If you need clarification on anything, please ask!!!


Misty Hollow only uses Redmond’s Real Salt — that’s what we use at my house, too. If you have a concern about a particular product, please ask and I will find out!!!


Is non-GMO and soy-free. It is not corn-free or organic but that would raise the price significantly. And chickens LOVE corn plus it helps them stay warm and PRODUCE in winter!


This WAS used in the plain yogurt. It is beef, also grass-fed/finished. BUT the farmer now uses a store-bought organic yogurt as her starter, 7 Stars brand (which is what I get if I need to buy store bought!)


They use organic as much as possible and always non-GMO at the very least. Again if you have a question about a specific ingredient or product please ask.