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If you have friends who are interested in more info, send them to the homepage here or invite them to the FB group.

We are still using that group. However, the way things are going on social media, alternative health/food groups might be next on the “dangerous information” chopping block so we’ll do more via email for the time being.

Raw Milk Info

When you have friends & family asking about raw milk, this is overall best place for info: RealMilk.com. It was started and is maintained by the Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF, the very best resource for all questions about nutrient dense foods!)

Plus, WAPF has a fabulous 20 minute podcast once a week. I never miss it!!!

Taking Back Our Food & Medical Freedom

If you value health, food & medical freedom, join us in taking our body sovereignty back! We are organizing in voting districts (which is why your address is needed) so that legislators actually LISTEN to our concerns and take the actions WE WANT them to take. That only happens when our numbers are LARGE and UNITED!

To join in the fun, fill in our form at mafaky.org/subscribe 🙂 You’ll get one email a week. We are taking our health freedom back.

Thank you. IMO, this is the most important thing we can do!!!